jQuery Core Team Meeting – Jan 04 2011

Minutes (Notes) of the meeting of jQuery
Location: #jquery-meeting on Freenode
Time: Tuesday January 4, 2011 at 9pm ET

Official Agenda:

AGENDA for Tue Jan 4 9pm jQuery Meeting
Duration is 1 hour, so please keep comments brief and to the point to facilitate discussion on all topics


  • 1.5 roadmap overview: what is happening, what is not, etc. (1 min)

  • Alpha, RC, final release schedule: current blockers, target dates (3 min)

  • Deferred API [5]

  • Status of attr rewrite (5 min)/join

  • Status of XML/SVG support (5 min)

  • Ajax rewrite: any new issues? questions? (10 min)

  • jaubourg mentioned something to win filesize back by making the returned Deferred non-resuable; status of this?

  • CommonJS: what should we adhere to, what is our level of involvement, what kind of outreach should there be [4][7] (10 min)

  • File  size increase: jQuery is 2kB larger with the new ajax functionality. Is  there anywhere we can win some of this back? (5 min)

  • Sizzle changes (5 min)

  • Not part of jQuery repo; core committers do not have access

  • Unit  tests in Sizzle get out of sync with unit tests in jQuery; jeresig has a  script to do merging, but is there a better option?

  • Wrapping plain JS objects: what is our official policy? [6] (5 min)

  • Other tickets: wontfix/unresolved issues worth discussing? (5 min)


  • Cluster configuration state (1 min)

  • State of work on plugins site (1 min)

  • Plans for documentation site (3 min)

  • Learning site plans (1 min)

If there is any time left, UI folks can talk about whatever too, like the new grid thing

Resource links:


[2]http://bugs.jquery.com/query?status=!closed&milestone=1.4.5&order=priority — tickets for a hypothetical 1.4.5 (stopgap if 1.5 slips)

[3]http://bugs.jquery.com/query?status=!closed&milestone=1.5&order=priority — tickets for 1.5 release