Project Leads Meeting – Sep 16 2015

Attending: Scott, Jörn, Timmy, Alex, Sarah, Rafael, Gabriel

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  • No update

link Chassis

  • Not too much new this week, contributors have been dealing with sudden high work loads. A lot of readme copy/contribute copy/bug fixing prs landed this week.
  • Planning a hack-a-thon for Chassis for a weekend in October outside of the summit stuff to get some issues done. Chassis stickers shall be mailed to people who join in. Issue shall be posted shortly in Chassis for voting on the weekend.

link QUnit

  • Looking for contributors. Lots of people and projects still use it, no one shows interest contributing, unless its a bug/feature immediately affecting them.

link PEP

  • nothing too interesting

link Globalize

link Board

link Other

  • All jquery-license issues are addressed, including comments on new PRs to ask for CLA signatures. Seems to be working well.
  • Google Summer of Code review
    • js-reporters: Lots of progress on spec and adapter implementation. Zero progress on recruiting other contributors or getting anyone to adopt/implement.
    • Chassis ThemeRoller: Built a proof of concept, somewhat blocked by lack of progress on Chassis itself, ended up contributing a lot to Chassis
    • Mobile tests to use Intern: Didn’t get jQuery Mobile on Intern, but made very good progress on Globalize and some on jQuery UI. Update jQuery Mobile tests to QUnit 2.0 API, updated QUnit version in use. Contributed to Intern itself. Still helping on Mobile.