Project Leads Meeting – Sep 30 2015

Attending: Corey, Scott, Jörn, Gabriel, Rafael, Timmy, Leo, Richard, Alex

link Core

  • Continuing work towards a beta. Trying to finish all higher priority tickets.
  • Setting up an e2e/UI testing infrastructure
    • markelog to coordinate with gnarf

link UI

  • Added Webpack support
    • Got access to the npm package and will be publishing official packages starting with 1.12.0
  • Aiming for 1.12.0 beta 1 in time for the dev summit
  • Getting close to having a working Trac upgrade

link Mobile

  • Landed another widget with classes
  • GSoC student continuing to help and work on testing.
  • Need to update node support

link Chassis

  • Working on rescheduling weekly meeting to a different time than 1pm EST on Tuesdays, with changing jobs of team members, it’s becoming difficult to have people show up for the meeting.
  • Working on organizing Chassis hack weekend - currently looking like October 24th is the official date of the event.

link QUnit

  • Leo Balter new lead!
  • Working to land nested modules soon (#859)
  • proposal for async tests open (#866)
  • proposal for chai integration needs discussion (#864)

link PEP

  • Landed a bunch of functional tests

link Globalize

link Board

  • Try to organize meetings Amsterdam-style, but bringing in potential contributors who are local to the venue, and/or contributors who are not on the team but have contributed significantly
  • Need to work on grant process and project on-boarding

link Infrastructure

  • Working on a conversion to ansible deployments
  • Evaluating a new zabbix replacement - datadog - if any team members want an invite to see what’s going on - ask please!