Project Leads Meeting – Oct 14 2015

Attending: Timmy, Alex, Scott, Leo, Sarah

link Core

link UI

  • Button landed in master
  • Making progress on datepicker
    • CLDR discussion this Friday
  • Beta coming soon

link Mobile

  • No update

link Chassis

  • Quiet two weeks, ended up moving meeting time back to 2pm on Chassis so everyone can show up, since pretty much the entire team got new jobs and no one could make the meeting anymore.
  • Finalizing details on Chassis Hack weekend after jQuery Summit.
  • Have a basic list of things to work on jQuery Summit/Chassis Hack Weekend, hoping to find some more contributors

link QUnit

  • Nested modules is merged and about to be released on 1.20.0
  • Currently working on Event Emitters to integrate QUnit with js-reporters and land different reporters on QUnit.
  • 2 qunit-migrate tools being built, one issue to merge them with collaborative work (#868)
  • with js-reporters we will be ready to release 2.0.0, which is pretty exciting.

link PEP

  • Working on adding more W3C test coverage

link Globalize

  • No update

link Board

  • No update

link Other