Project Leads Meeting – Nov 11 2015

Attending: Scott, Timmy, Rafael, Gabriel, Leo

link Core

link UI

  • Finishing 1.12 upgrade guide and API docs
  • Trying to set up so docs are published during the pre-releaes phase
  • Reached out to several people for button accessibility testing, but got no replies

link Mobile

  • Making progress on selectmenu
  • Cory is working on the remaining widgets for 1.5
  • Anne is working on docs
  • Amanpreet working on tests

link Chassis

  • No update

link QUnit

  • supporting ember-qunit to ship new QUnit 1.20 features, as nested modules

link PEP

  • Released 0.4.0
    • Better support webpack, browserify
  • WIP build on the CDN now

link Globalize

  • Andrew (Twitter) finished Unit Formatting implementation #512, landed and published as beta 1.1.x. (this is old news I couldn't include in past meeting)
  • Unicode Conference 39
  • Tripadvisor has a pilot using Globalize for i18n on frontend. They use angular.js. Chetan (Tripadvisor engineer) to use react-globalize as a baseline to write angular integration.
  • Adobe has projects using react.js and has shown interest on using react-globalize integration. Rafael walked through some code with Yohann and Shailesh (both Adobe engineers).

link Board

  • Kris was back from TPAC and Web Summit
    • Question: How much of newer parts of the Pointer Events spec is in the polyfill -> Answer: Nothing that hasn’t been specced yet.

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