Project Leads Meeting – Nov 25 2015

Attending: Scott, Timmy, Rafael, Richard, Gabriel, Sarah

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  • Working on 1.12 beta release
    • Having issues with deployment
      • Trying to get a hold of Adam U, but we keep missing each other
    • Just effects updates left for API docs and upgrade guide
    • Jörn is working through download builder and release script updates

link Mobile

  • No update

link Chassis

  • JSASS style guide discussions
    • Became obvious this was needed during the developer summit
    • Working on establishing best practices to add more consistency for variables in Chassis by using the Buttons PR as a demo
  • Creating a timeline to be presented next week to have a more concrete plan for deliverables and map out what issues are dependent on other issues for completion
  • Upgrading JSCS to support checking for proper tabbing

link QUnit

  • No update

link PEP

  • Added Marius Bethge to the team

link Globalize

link Board

  • Status of Executive Director annual performance review?

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