Project Leads Meeting – Jan 06 2016

Attending: Timmy, Sarah, Scott, Leo, Alex, Dylan

link Core

link UI

  • Finishing up 1.12.0-beta.1 release
    • Actual release is done
    • Upgrade guide is done
    • Blog post is ready
    • Finishing up changelog
    • Need to update download builder
    • Need to deploy new API site

link Mobile

  • Not much progress over holiday
  • Finishing blog post for status update on project before beta is ready
    • plan to release a day or 2 after ui beta is announced
  • Several new contributors popping up over the last month

link Chassis

  • Phase One Completion Date of March 8th
  • Winter Wrap Up: cleaned up all currently open PRs, closed all old PRs/out of date PRs, followed up on items. Figuring out which issues are now available for people to work.
  • Should be pulling in the accessibility testing PR in today

link QUnit

link PEP

  • Nothing over the holidays
  • Webkit touch action!!
    • not as good as it sounds yet

link Globalize

  • No update

link Dojo

link Intern

  • Working on a handful of open issues
  • Colin has been working on a TypeScript refactor as a possible 4.0 release.

link Board

  • No update