Testing Team Meeting – Jan 20 2012

Improving the testing infrastructure: BrowserStack integration is in place, though various quirks still need to be ironed out. Improvements of the TestSwarm output in Jenkins jobs is under way.

To focus efforts, the jQuery Mobile Jenkin's jobs are to be migrated over to our (mt) hosted instance. They'll keep using Ruby/Selenium for now, with the goal of migrating to the same TestSwarm/BrowserStack setup as the other projects over the next months.

Testing Team Meeting – Nov 18 2011

Collaboration with BrowserStack is productive, jQuery Board got accounts, working on integrating that with TestSwarm, with Scott González leading that effort.

Working with Jonathan Sharp on improving jquery-mockjax (https://github.com/appendto/jquery-mockjax/). Moved docs to README on GitHub repo, integrated API docs there. Testsuite is much better shape, working with a few collaborators on fixes and enhancements.

Testing Team Meeting – Oct 29 2011

No repo updates. Ben started working on Octopress-based site. Working with Doug to get QUnit-specific swatch and logo, needs something that overlaps less with jQuery Mobile.

Testing Team Meeting – Oct 14 2011



  • Added Firefox 7
  • Added IE10 as Beta