Testing Team Meeting – Jul 30 2011

Testing Team Meeting – Jul 15 2011

Continuing recruiting efforts, with people intersted on working on QUnit issues, TestSwarm issues, QUnit website and the Hudson-TestSwarm plugin, results pending.

Also used ARIA Hackathon and meetings around Toronto to recruit, including Mozilla.

Testing Team Meeting – Jun 10 2011

No QUnit updates, though a dozen open pull requests need attention.

No real TestSwarm updates, except that the promised Jenkins-TestSwarm plugin may still be coming along.

Testing Team Meeting – May 27 2011



  • Went through pull requests, now new swarmpath utilty method deals with the contextpath issue and fixes several broken paths, as well as order of commands in reset.sql, and correct instructions for crontab
  • Still waiting for update on Jenkins-TestSwarm plugin
  • Some assistance for Aloha Editor team to use TestSwarm