jQuery Core Team Meeting – Jan 10 2011

Minutes (Notes) of the meeting of jQuery
Location: #jquery-meeting on Freenode
Time: Monday January 10, 2011 at Noon ET

Official Agenda:

AGENDA for Mon Jan 10 Noon jQuery Meeting
Duration is 1 hour, so please keep comments brief and to the point to facilitate discussion on all topics


  • Status of jQuery 1.5 Alpha 1

  • To be released Jan 14th

  • Ajax Rewrite Status

  • (See below)

  • Julian/Karl: Get documentation going.

  • Deferreds Status

  • (See below)

  • Julian/Karl: Get documentation going.

  • Julian: Implement auto-new.

  • jQuery.Deferred() -> new jQuery.Deferred();

  • Look at things like $().animate().then() in 1.6

  • Subclassing Status

  • Yehuda: Land code in repo.

  • Deadlyicon/Karl: Needs Documentation

  • Generic Subclassing – > tabled till 1.6

  • Sizzle tweaks Status

  • John: Did a deep review of work needed, started to make some headway. Breaking out :not(a:first) is going to be a significant rewrite and will require a lot of time – beyond what we can likely tackle in this release. Want to recommend holding off until later.

  • Additional notes: We are moving toward sizzle only supporting valid qSA selectors and “offloading” any non-qSA (set filtering, custom) selectors into jQuery but we’ll probably hold off until 1.6 for this re-write

  • Handle CSRF tweaks from Mozilla

  • http://bugs.jquery.com/ticket/7371

  • Switch to new file compressor – UglifyJS

  • Snover is landing this.

  • Browser Support

  • Opera 11 and 10.6 (dropping 10.6 in next release). For mobile we support Mini and Mobile current.

  • Other tickets: wontfix/unresolved issues worth discussing? (5 min)

  • Todo: Fix Sizzle Quoting Issue

  • http://bugs.jquery.com/ticket/7539

Resource links:


[2]http://bugs.jquery.com/query?status=!closed&milestone=1.4.5&order=priority — tickets for a hypothetical 1.4.5 (stopgap if 1.5 slips)

[3]http://bugs.jquery.com/query?status=!closed&milestone=1.5&order=priority — tickets for 1.5 release




Deferreds status:

  • Promise/A compliant (http://wiki.commonjs.org/wiki/Promises/A )
  • Used internally for ajax and $.fn.ready ( actually internal _Deferred object )
  • $.when is a base skeleton there are some discussions about how it should work and what it should accept as parameters: multiple for joined promise, etc)
  • Also, I’ve had some interesting discussions regarding adding a lastPromise property to jQuery objects that would allow to observe when the latest asynchronous event on the collection is done, allowing things like:
  • $.when( $( … ).load( … ) ).then( … )
  • $.when( $( … ).animate( … ) ).then( … )

Ajax Rewrite Status:

  • Stable now (both code-wise and file structure-wise — waiting for feedback from Yehuda regarding the prefilter that shouldn’t be named to incorporate it)
  • Still reviewing tickets to see which are already fixed and fixing others as I (jaubourg) go
  • Snover will kill me if I don’t handle my spacing habit and reformat all the code to the jQuery standard (I tend to add spaces around everything)
  • On a side-note, $.parseXML has been extracted from ajax and published in core. Still need unit testing for this but it passes unit tests in ajax (indirectly though and not as thouroughly as it should)
  • Also, there’s a unit test that seems to randomly fail in FF4b8. This seems to be due to some quirk in the xhr implementation that the new xhr pooling code triggers. Still need to make a minimal test case and tell the FF devs.
  • NEEDS DOCUMENTATION. Given the scope I’d really appreciate if I could sit with Karl on skype or something so that someone helps me in documenting this beast.