jQuery Core Team Meeting – Feb 07 2011

Minutes (Notes) of the meeting of jQuery
Location: #jquery-meeting on Freenode
Time: Noon ET

Official Agenda:

AGENDA for jQuery Meeting
Duration is 1 hour, so please keep comments brief and to the point to facilitate discussion on all topics


  • 1.5 release postmortem

    • Docs were only about half done.

      • Feature docs should be done in order to push the first beta.
      • Should open separate blocker tickets for them.
      • Make them a dependency of the main feature.
    • Release notes weren’t ready in advance, had to be written the day of.

    • We should have a clear grid of features and who is working on what along with statuses of tests, docs, etc.

  • Setting date for 1.6 roadmap meeting

    • Proposal: Normal meeting time, Feb 28th
    • John: Need to set up document for people to submit to.
  • jQuery 1.5.1 Status

  • Dev Branches / Stable Branches

    • All current 1.5.x dev is done against master
    • We keep separate branches for each major feature/rewrite
  • Flagging bugs that are browser bugs

    • Assigning bugs to a username that matches the browser?

      • browser-safari
      • browser-chrome
      • browser-webkit
      • browser-msie
      • browser-firefox
      • browser-opera
    • Assign them the ‘browserbug’ tag.

  • Time permitting: Discuss possible requirement of running jQuery UI tests.