jQuery Core Team Meeting – Feb 21 2011

Minutes (Notes) of the meeting of jQuery
Location: #jquery-meeting on Freenode
Time: Noon ET

Official Agenda:

AGENDA for jQuery Meeting
Duration is 1 hour, so please keep comments brief and to the point to facilitate discussion on all topics


  • 1.5.1 Status

    • RC went out last Friday, final is on Thursday

    • Blockers: http://bugs.jquery.com/report/75

        • No open blockers?

        • Release will be built early Wed. in order to get on the CDNs in time for the release.

          • I’ll make sure that the web site isn’t updated until the release notes are up.
        • Final release will be Thursday

    • Docs

      • A couple Ajax options that were added
      • Also a few jQuery.support updates
      • Will be documented by Wednesday (kswedberg is on it)
    • Release notes

      • Just update the existing 1.5.1 notes (addy is on it)
  • Re-set date for roadmap discussion

    • March, 7th: Normal meeting time
    • Announce that date/time during the 1.5.1 release
    • We need to give devs at least a couple weeks to prepare
    • John: Needs to set up a Google Doc for people to submit to2
  • IE9 support discussion