jQuery UI Team Meeting – Apr 20 2011

Recent progress


  • Create some public links to ui-git, perhaps on the wiki or an appropriate place (if we can find one) on jqueryui.com
  • Dan: fix dir listing on view.jqueryui.com
  • Dan: hotlinking issue with themeswitcher
  • Dan: look if we should move swarm.jquery.org elsewhere
  • Adam: finish widget factory documentation update
  • All: review tooltip animation
  • Jorn: create wiki page for popup/popout
  • Maggie: look into margin issue(s) in Menu
  • Scott: Announce Dialog API redesign after existing tickets review
  • Richard: API Documenation rework with new XML and new XSLT



  • All active discussion for jQuery UI Development will be in irc: #jqueryui-dev on freenode

Weekly Meetings

  • All future jQuery UI development weekly meetings will be in irc: #jquery-meeting on freenode. Wed. 12noon-1pm ET. See also, http://jquery.org/meeting for schedule and web irc client.