jQuery UI Team Meeting – Apr 27 2011

Recent Progress

  • Jörn pushed 1.8.12 release live on jqueryui.com
  • Dan and etiger13 fixed Download Builder issues that cropped up after 1.8.12 release went live on jqueryui.com


  • ?: add jquery-ui-git to Developer Links on jqueryui.com
  • Dan: by next week, add past UI releases to code.jquery.com
  • Dan: by week after next, master index for code.jquery.com
  • Scott: manually (for now) to add future releases to code.jquery.com as part of release process
  • ?: Automate addition of future releases to code.jquery.com as part of release process
  • ?: Move release checklists from Basecamp onto wiki
  • Dan: by next week, dir listing for view.jqueryui.com
  • Adam: complete widget factory documentation refresh, hopefully with some help from some folks at MS
  • Richard: create a wiki page to coordinate new docs effort (XML, XSLT)
  • Andrew Wirick: work with Richard on new docs effort
  • Richard: talk to Yehuda about getting a member of his team to join us in working on Download Builder rewrite
  • Todd: create a wiki page gathering ThemeRoller rewrite status and forward-looking requirements and needed changes, ideally to support 1.9 and looking ahead to mobile+swatches
  • Pull requests: trying to get back down to 0 from 22

Still open (likely longer term than within the next week)

  • Dan:
    • Jenkins-TestSwarm plugin
    • Hotlinking issue with Themeswitcher
    • See if we should move swarm.jquery.org
  • Scott
    • Tabs API redesign review
    • Dailog tickets review to complete and announce API redesign