jQuery UI Team Meeting – May 04 2011

Recent Progress

  • Download builder seems ok after latest fix
  • Adam and Richard talked with a couple guys from Microsoft about helping out with Widget Factory docs as they've been getting to know it quite well
  • Richard and Andrew met about docs xml and xslt, split task into two, each took a half. Richard will focus on Mediawiki to XML transform using ???, maybe Mediawiki. Andrew will focus on XML to HTML transform using XSLT
  • E-board decided there should be temporary sub-teams formed for Download Builder rewrite and ThemeRoller refactor projects
  • Some discussion of whether next version of ThemeRoller should do away with theme gallery/pre-built themes. Discussion will continue on wiki with rework


Still open

  • ???: Need a link on developer links section of jqueryui.com to jquery-ui.git
  • Richard: create a wiki page for new docs XML and XSLT effort
  • Todd: create a wiki page gathering ThemeRoller rewrite status and forward-looking requirements and needed changes, ideally to support 1.9 and looking ahead to mobile+swatches
  • Dan: Jenkins-TestSwarm plugin
  • Dan: Hotlinking issue with Themeswitcher
  • Dan: See if we should move swarm.jquery.org