jQuery UI Team Meeting – May 11 2011

Recent Progress


  • Scott G: Add a link on developer links section of jqueryui.com for jquery-ui.git
  • Adam: Update tests for Tooltip
  • All: Write demos and docs for Tooltip http://wiki.jqueryui.com/Tooltip see TODO section at top
  • Corey: Start figuring out how to document effects using new XML format
  • Themeroller refactor: Need to identify scope and requirements. Need a project lead
  • Scott G: remove the queuing logic in tabs which is blocking 1.9m5
  • Adam and Corey: start helping more with the pull request queue, esp. as Scott is focused on 1.9m5
  • All: We need more sponsors for the ARIA Hackathon planned for July http://wiki.jqueryui.com/ARIA-Hackathon
  • All: Meet after 3pm today if you can help clear Pull Request queue for 1.8.13
  • Scott G: Do 1.8.13 release after today

Still open

  • Ralph: move build checklists to wiki
  • Richard: create a wiki page for new docs XML and XSLT effort
  • Scott G: ping JD about Jenkins-TestSwarm plugin
  • Dan: Hotlinking issue with Themeswitcher
  • Dan: See if we should move swarm.jquery.org
  • Adam: Finish widget factory documentation update at http://wiki.jqueryui.com/Widget-factory
  • Download builder rewrite: Waiting for front-end and back-end teams to have a planning meeting