jQuery UI Team Meeting – Jun 01 2011

Recent Progress

  • Dan: Added all previous versions of jQuery UI to http://code.jquery.com
  • Dan: Fixed broken web site SVN
  • Scott G: Contacted Adobe for ARIA Hackathon sponsorships
  • Scott G: Finished tooltip implementation and tests


  • Jörn: Update Scott's old widget demo and add to git repo
  • Richard: Restart work on new docs format
  • Jörn: Setup meeting for selectmenu planning
  • Scott G: Start reviewing spinner
  • Corey: Start figuring out how to document effects using new XML format
  • Effects: What should we do with explode efffect when split effects land?
  • All: Review pull requests
  • All: Document how to replace :active { outline: none } http://bugs.jqueryui.com/ticket/6757

Still Open

  • JD: provide Jenkins-TestSwarm plugin
  • Dan: Hotlinking issue with Themeswitcher
  • Dan: See if we should move swarm.jquery.org
  • Dan: Directory listings for view.jqueryui.com
  • Adam: Finish widget factory documentation update at http://wiki.jqueryui.com/Widget-factory
  • Download builder rewrite: Waiting for front-end and back-end teams to have a planning meeting
  • Themeroller refactor: Need to identify scope and requirements. Need a project lead