jQuery UI Team Meeting – Jul 20 2011

  • Infrastructure tasks mostly stale, no update on code.jquery.com listings (all UI versions), also no directory listing for view.jqueryui.com. Recruiting isn't happening either.
  • Only small update on jquery-docs. Need to setup an actual site with docs for a single widget, with support for search, to ensure that the individual pieces are actually working.
  • Lots of updates on Menu thanks to Kris Borchers. Tiny yet very annoying UI glitches fixed, method refactoring done (expand, collapse, collapseAll), now working on demos.
  • Selectmenu still in discussion, some open issues left. Felix to look into them.
  • Some updates happened for Tooltip thanks to contributions from Benjamin Sterling. Another update pending, probably adding a beforeOpen event.
  • Datepicker: Hans submitted pull request for keyboard and ARIA implementation based on templated-prototype. Another update pending, including use of Popup for the popup-datepicker.
  • The ARIA Hackathon got its own blog post.