jQuery Core Team Meeting – Nov 14 2011

November 14, 2011
Minutes (Notes) of the meeting of jQuery
Location: #jquery-meeting on Freenode
Time: Noon ET 

Official Agenda:

  • jQuery 1.7.1 Issues

  • Pull request process

    • Help is welcome but some PRs are more work than their value
    • How should we approach those? Leaving in the queue means they go stale
    • Ask ppl to engage us before making a PR?
    • Review current open PRs: https://github.com/jquery/jquery/pulls
  • Deprecation blog post feedback (Dave)

    • Followup blog post to address suggestions in blog comments

      • “Remove all IE support!”
      • “Break it into tiny little parts and have a download builder!”
      • “Wait until 2.0 to remove stuff”
      • “Make effects and/or ajax optional”
    • Need a a review to ensure we have marked deprecated in API docs (Dave)