Testing Team Meeting – May 04 2012

QUnit 1.6.0 was released, featuring a stable composite addon, a few bug fixes and enhancements. More details in the changelog.

swarm.jquery.org is now running TestSwarm 1.0.0.

Jenkins integration is now done via node-testswarm, making improvements a lot easier and moving configurations into the individual projects. That makes them also a lot less dependent on Jenkins itself.

TestSwarm-BrowserStack is now using the TestSwarm 1.0.0 API, removing the dependency on auto-increment IDs. Its also gotten better at dealing with BrowserStack queue limits, making more efficient use of their service. The module now has more documentation, making it easier to use for other projects.

Krinkle wrote Automated Distributed Continuous Integration for JavaScript, outlining how to combine all these various projects into one whole automation setup.