jQuery Core Team Meeting – May 14 2012

May 14, 2012
Minutes (Notes) of the meeting of jQuery
Location: #jquery-meeting on Freenode
Attending: DaveMethvin, mikesherov, rwaldron, timmywil, gnarf
Time: Noon ET

Official Agenda:


Need to knock down the list of remaining 1.8 items

Manual modularity

  • Allow build without effects, ajax, css even?
  • Opened a ticket: http://bugs.jquery.com/ticket/11767
  • gnarf will look at animation modularity
  • jaubourg can do ajax part?
  • dave will look at grunt


  • Deprecations – dave created tickets
  • Animation hooks Tween etc. — gnarf can you outline?
  • Other things needing docs?

Size and “bloat”, call for participation on CCAO

mikesherov asks: what browser “versions” do we support?

Bug triage meeting Thursday 8pm eastern time #jquery-dev

  • all the cool kids will attend