jQuery Core Team Meeting – Jun 05 2012

****June 4, 2012
Minutes (Notes) of the meeting of jQuery
Location: #jquery-meeting on Freenode & Chat on Google Docs
Attending: DaveMethvin, gnarf, rwaldron, gibson042, rworth, danheberden
Time: Noon ET

(IRC issues during the meeting;  #jquery-meeting did not log everything)

Official Agenda:****

Getting help for infra and new docs sites?

  • rworth:

Schedule for 1.8 release

  • beta before the conf
  • bug triage meeting – Wednesday noon?

Unit test failures


  • effects in IE? gnarf can’t look right now – can someone else -mikesherov


strip_iife branch ready to land – if we want to

  • line numbers in errors are for the built code – not the src/files.js
  • We seem to think that the benefits outway the debugging/development minor hassle
  • source maps?
  • LAND IT!

JHP for serving – land it?

  • Need to coordinate with testswarm – Krinkle?
  • Can’t land until jenkins issues are resolved

Need update to README to reflect current build process

  • There is a “draft” of these instructions in the strip_iife branch
  • LAND IT!

Closure Compiler Advanced Optimizations (CCAO)

  • Talk with Chad Killingsworth
  • He will rebase against 1.8 later this month
  • We will land most of the CCAO unit test changes
  • timmywil, did CCAO changes land in Sizzle?

Manual modularity

Landed gibson042′s modularity for effects


  • ajax?
  • css and dimensions – mikesherov

Compat repo for deprecated/removed stuff? – dave

  • Separate plugins including compressed versions
  • Combined plugin with everything
  • “Debug” version with console.warn msgs?
  • We can host these on code.jquery.com, perhaps other CDNs


Deprecations – dave created tickets, will finish docs

Animation hooks Tween etc. — gnarf to outline

Other things needing docs?

.css(‘width’) respects box-sizing, .width() doesn’t; dimension setters – mikesherov

vendor prefixing

  • automatic – ‘boxSizing’ will get ‘MozBoxSizing’
  • can create cssHooks for vendor-prefixed, which get priority over non-prefixed

Remaining 1.8 items

New items?