Testing Team Meeting – Jun 07 2012

Released QUnit 1.7.0! There's now an official phantomjs runner addon, stack traces are much more useful (more lines if available), and various other small improvements. From the changelog:

  • Add config.requireExpects. Fixes #207 – Add option to require all tests to call expect().
  • Improve extractStacktrace() implementation. Fixes #254 – Include all relevant stack lines
  • Make filters case-insensitive. Partial fix for #252
  • is() expects lowercase types. Fixes #250 – Expected Date value is not displayed properly
  • Fix phantomjs addon header and add readme. Fixes #239
  • Add some hints to composite addon readme. Fixes #251
  • Track tests by the order in which they were run and create rerun links based on that number. Fixes #241 – Make Rerun link run only a single test.
  • Use QUnit.push for raises implementation. Fixes #243
  • CLI runner for phantomjs
  • Fix jshint validation until they deal with /** */ comments properly
  • Update validTest() : Simplify logic, clarify vars and add comments
  • Refactor assertion helpers into QUnit.assert (backwards compatible)
  • Add Rerun link to placeholders. Fixes #240