jQuery Core Team Meeting – Jun 11 2012

June 4, 2012
Minutes (Notes) of the meeting of jQuery
Location: #jquery-meeting on Freenode & Chat on Google Docs
Attending: DaveMethvin, rworth, gibson042, timmywil, jaubourg, rwaldron, mikesherov
Time: Noon ET

Official Agenda:

Schedule for 1.8 release

Unit test failures (IE only)


  • need an update to QUnit for the fix to raises()

Manual modularity

Great progress here, thanks guys!

mikesherov added dependency mgmt

jaubourg working on ajax

Need a simpler tool (not necessarily by release)

  • complexity prevents wrong ppl using it

Drupal? this isn’t for their use case (dave imo)

use AMD wrappers? watch out for cross-module variables!

Compat repo for deprecated/removed stuff? – dave

  • Separate plugins including compressed versions
  • Combined plugin with everything
  • “Debug” version with console.warn msgs?


Deprecations – dave created tickets, will finish docs

Animation hooks Tween etc. — gnarf to outline

Other things needing docs?

.css(‘width’) respects box-sizing, .width() doesn’t; dimension setters – mikesherov

vendor prefixing

  • automatic – ‘boxSizing’ will get ‘MozBoxSizing’
  • can create cssHooks for vendor-prefixed, which get priority over non-prefixed