jQuery Mobile Team Meeting – Jun 14 2012

  • Attending: Todd Parker, John Bender, Ghislain Seguin, Gabriel Schulhof, Jasper de Groot, Anne-Gaelle Colom, Jason Scott

link General Updates

link Todd

  • Device donation page by conference so we can announce
  • Roadmap for conference - let’s discuss
  • Site re-templating for the conference
  • Download builder alpha for conference - ready to go
  • 1.1.1 beta (or RC) for conference with hopefully a quick move to RC status
    • Consider asking for testing next week via branch preview
    • Outstanding items:
    • listview click performance (ready to land + benchmark)
    • blinky transitions in PhoneGap (re-opened for review)
    • update page padding (Jasper)
    • fixed 1 issue about shifting headers during transition
    • working on fix for issue about the default padding in structure css
    • about to close #4223 about setting uPP to false - see my comment there
    • 3 other issues might be fixed by PR from MauriceG
      • land PR (need test results from Todd before merge)
      • have people testing again to see if there are still issues
    • unable to close dialog in webview (Bender)
    • IE submit button (Jasper)
  • 1.2 alpha for conference

link Ghislain Seguin

  • kinda stuck in the code re-org because of the depend! plugin:
    • going to attempt moving the depend plugin
    • or upgrade to RequireJS 2.0
  • Q: Feedback on builder?
  • Q: Are we going to mention it at jQCon? Yes

link John Bender

  • jquery-ui using grunt-junit
  • de-linting almost finished
    • master only
    • Thanks Gabriel!
    • Damnit Scott!
    • adding to the build
  • new README
  • Q: css lint
  • Q: performance setup

link Gabriel Schulhof

  • Tab issues: Get tab navigation to work. Try to keep tab inside popup - futile. scroll to 0 when dismissing a popup opened from another popup - prevented, but there was a flash (looks like briefly scrolling back to 0). FF is fine. Is the flash still present?
  • Link blurring performance (4340) - not likely to be able to do the perf tests.
  • Proposals:
    • Link can open popup from another page (agcolom)? IOW, if user clicks link button and the popup referred to by href has not been enhanced, enhance it? If the popup is on another page, it's not a good idea because the other page has display: none set and the popup is its child, but if the popup is inside the body, it can be enhanced at first-click time.
    • .buttonMarkup({corners: }) accepts true, false, and now also "tl", "tr", ..., "left", "right", etc. https://github.com/gabrielschulhof/jquery-mobile/commit/f49abba3d0d3ee5f490d778ead3b705392fabbee and http://babulina.go-nix.ca/nix/jqm-buttonMarkup-corners/tests/functional/button-markup.html
    • This could help us fix 3635, because controlgroup wouldn’t need to access button classes directly, instead calling .buttonMarkup({corners: ”left”}), etc., thus cooperating with reusable buttonMarkup, such that if you later call e.g. .buttonMarkup({icon: ”another-icon”}) on a button that is part of the controlgroup it won’t mess up the button’s corners as a side effect.

link Jasper de Groot

  • finished buttons & form PR
    • still some minor Opera issues to look into
  • navbar/grid wrapping and gap - fixed 3 issues
    • need test results from Todd (WP and iOS) before merge
  • update page padding (see above)
  • IE submit button issue - working on test page and fix
  • https://github.com/jquery/jquery-mobile/pull/4303

link Anne-Gaelle Colom

  • a few commits for docs (minor corrections/corrections)
  • 14 new articles on the resources page
  • worked on api resource site:
    • dialog, collapsibles, collapsible sets complete (basic info). More info can be added. Will complete by the end of the week
    • slider: complete with full info
    • modified the XSL file to display all methods/events/options
    • modified XSL file to display the correct example base code

link Jason D Scott

link Open dev questions

link PhoneGap blinky transitions

link Fixed toolbars / updatePagePadding / header and content switched

  • Many related issues

link Re-enhancement after manipulation

link Button/form consistency

  • PR #4385
  • Should we add styles to protect buttons from a: basic styles?
  • https://github.com/jquery/jquery-mobile/issues/3444
  • Cascade issue bar link colors + reorder pseudo classes
  • TR issue #73 - links in bar not themable, always same as JQM default theme (Tyler Benziger)

link 2.3 nav issues

link 1.1.1 Planning

link 1.2 Features

link Read-only lists

  • New styling including removal smaller font-size and padding of ui-li-static for 1.2 #4347

link Grid widget?

  • have the framework adding the ui-block classes (same as navbar widget)
  • data attribute # columns

link start="2">
  • Other
  • <

    • Donation page