Testing Team Meeting – Jun 21 2012

The first testing and CI meeting happened today, and will continue to happen bi-weekly, Thursday at Noon EST. Here’s the agenda and meeting notes.

June 21, 2012

Location: #jquery-meeting on Freenode

Attending: Corey, John Bender, Jörn

Time: Noon ET



Jenkins integration

Deploying -git builds for Core, UI, QUnit and Mobile, though no consistent headers yet, and a very different setup for Mobile

Get sizzle on Jenkins and TestSwarm

  • Added grunt.js, will create job to run `lint` test once that is fixed

Perf regression testing

  • John Bender to explore this

Move to new service box

  • Sometime after the conference
  • Will remove `scp` step from git-build
  • Ask Clark to help with that, he can invest a few hours