jQuery Core Team Meeting – Jun 22 2012

June 18, 2012
Minutes (Notes) of the meeting of jQuery
Location: #jquery-meeting on Freenode & Chat on Google Docs
Attending: DaveMethvin, mikesherov, rwaldron, gibson042, gnarf, timmywil
Time: Noon ET

Official Agenda:

1.8 release

Dave has a trip tomorrow (Tuesday)

  • Thursday 6/21? yes

Will we EVAR PASS unit tests in Jenkins?

need to use documentMode instead of ua sniff for ie8 fail

add IE=Edge to TestSwarm as well? (already there!)


  • TestSwarm already has that, and the iframe sets it, too

remaining 1.8 items: http://goo.gl/ewuKx

Anything you think should/must land?

  • animation events (already a pull)

Bugs can still be fixed after the beta

If you own a ticket and won’t get to it for 1.8, switch to 1.next

Anything happen on createContextualFragment or insertAdjacentHTML?

  • Yehuda said he had some work
  • Conclusion: pushed out of 1.8

Promises: We can’t make ours “Promise/A compliant”

  • Make sure we’re not advertising such
  • Todo: document Promise/Q

Brainstorming on $.parseHTML

Can be looser than the $(html) parse

  • Timmy mentioned possible fixes there
  • Would like to simplify/restrict “looks like html”
  • (starts-with “<” has been pushed, 6/20)

Want some way to control whether scripts run

  • $.parseHTML(html, { allowScripts: true }); ?
  • distinguish allow inline vs. external?

Manual modularity

  • Done I think
  • Plan a blog entry for it

Compat repo for deprecated/removed stuff? – Dave (still todo)

  • Separate plugins including compressed versions
  • Combined plugin with everything
  • “Debug” version with console.warn msgs?


Deprecations – Dave DONE except for global ajax events

Animation hooks Tween etc. — gnarf DONE

Other things needing docs?

.css(‘width’) respects box-sizing, .width() doesn’t; dimension setters – mikesherov

vendor prefixing

  • automatic – ‘boxSizing’ will get ‘MozBoxSizing’
  • can create cssHooks for vendor-prefixed, which get priority over non-prefixed

git deploy: Jenkins is doing that now (before running TestSwarm)

  • needs an update in build to include commit hash, can be passed by Jenkins