Testing Team Meeting – Jul 19 2012

July 19, 2012

Location: #jquery-meeting on Freenode

Attending: Jörn, Timo, Scott

Time: Noon ET




  • Experiment with test-running in new windows instead of iframes has been completed. Details at https://github.com/jquery/testswarm/issues/195. Long story short: popups are worse than iframes, we’ll have to stick with iframes for now and instead let those bugs depend on the implementation of the new “in-host” system where we don’t use a frame-relationship with a constant long-lived “run page”.

Jenkins integration

  • botio integration stalled until EOL servers are dealt with
  • See also “Perf regression testing”

Perf regression testing

There’s two parts to perf testing. One is the performance of a regular test suite run, to catch overall issues and slowness:

  • We’re going to implement a json report aside from the html-snapshot report of each test run
  • Aside from the assertion results, we’re going to add the test duration of each test
  • in Jenkins we will use that json report to form an “jUnit Ant XML” report card, so that Jenkins will generate historic graphs for each job with the performance over time of each project as a whole, as well as each individual module, test and assertion.

The other is dedicated jsperf-like testing with repetition of certain specific tasks that should perform well. This likely requires the introduction of a framework or plugin in addition to core QUnit.

Move to new service box

gnarf has given krinkle access to jq03. Right now just has a fresh testswarm clone, nothing is set up yet. Krinkle intends to set up and document and/or puppetize it over the coming 1-2 weeks. If it needs to happen earlier, he is willing to document is somewhere and have someone else implement it (most if not all is documented very well at https://github.com/jquery/testswarm/wiki/Automated-Distributed-Continuous-Integration-for-JavaScript )