Testing Team Meeting – Aug 03 2012

**August 2, 2012

Location: #jquery-meeting on Freenode

Attending: Corey, Scott, Dave, John, Jörn

Time: Noon ET


Need to review pull requests and other issues

  • #287 will land module select after some cleanup
  • #289 look into enhancing validTest to always accept global failure
  • #292 move .html() reset to Core (and maybe UI)
  • #291 looks invalid


BrowserStack running better now, all UI jobs green without us changing anything

Corey working on post-commit hooks, will use those for testswarm and testswarm-browserstack to deploy updates in the future

John Bender working on getting Mobile fixed in IE9, a few (swarm) heisenbugs make that not as much fun

Need to move testswarm-browserstack to jquery account, use Krinkle’s fork as starting point. Ask Clark though to move his repo to keep forks and issues.

  • Merge Corey’s experiments, see /usr/local/tools/testswarm-browserstack/gnarf-test.js onjq03.jquery.com
  • Also look into upgrading to v2 BrowserStack API, node-browserstack already supports that

Move to new service box