jQuery Mobile Team Meeting – Aug 30 2012

  • Attending: John Bender, Todd Parker, Jasper de Groot, Maurice Gottlieb

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  • 1.2 Beta Status - It’s taken a lot of time to work around some really frustrating browser bugs but as of today, all blocker issues with WP7 and Android have been addressed in the popup-simple branch. This branch also includes some code simplification of the history tracking since popup stacking isn’t supported. Please help us test today before we land in master for beta later today: http://jquerymobile.com/branches/popup-simple/index.html Here is a rundown of the worst bugs we’ve been wrestling with:
    • Visual z-index issues in Android 4.0 default browser (#4816 and #4874) - When fixed toolbars were used on a page, the use of any position:fixed elements cause havoc with rendering of stacked elements in Android. In these situations, the popup would visually appear under the overlay but was still clickable so this was a display bug. This issues were addressed by adding conditional logic that will toggle the toolbars from position:fixed to position:absolute when the popup is opened and closed. The drawback to this fix is fixed toolbars appear to hide when a popup is open, but this workaround is only applied to Android 4.0 and will only been seen if there are fixed toolbars and popups with an overlay theme.
    • Animating overlay opacity bug in Android 4.0 Chrome (#4915) - The CSS-based fade in/out transition on the themed overlay causes similar visual stacking bugs as fixed toolbars in Chrome. This was addressed by removing the fade behavior on the overlay. Testing revealed that not animating the opacity of the overlay made the popup display significantly faster so this change is now applied across the board. The overlay now pops into place without a transition and adding a transition isn’t offered as an option.
    • Wild scrolling in WP7.5 when closing a popup (#4784) - When closing a popup in WP7, the window would scroll to random locations. Turns out this was due to a bug in WP7’s history management that would not correctly remember the scroll position when we used the history and hashchange to close the popup. After spending over a week looking at possible solutions, the team has determined that this can not be worked around. To address this bug, we have excluded just WP7 from back button support with popups so these must be closed by clicking outside the popup or using a developer-supplied close button. We also had to handle the close button behavior to work without hashchange to work with this situation. The option to track history has been exposed as the “history” option now in the popup API: http://jquerymobile.com/branches/popup-simple/docs/pages/popup/options.html
    • Multiple button focus states in WP7 - Multiple buttons would get the focus state as popups were opened and closed. Also related to WP7’s buggy history implementation and fixed by excluding them from history.
  • Targeting 1.2 beta the week of September 3, with a RC soon after
  • Roadmap prioritization in progress, will have public details soon

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  • Re-factoring popup code, added history feature, unit tests
  • Popup ready for testing
  • Performance work on button markup, testing needed

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