jQuery Mobile Team Meeting – Sep 20 2012

  • Attending: John Bender, Todd Parker, Jasper de Groot, Anne-Gaelle Colom, Mat Marquis, Jason D Scott, Gabriel Schulhof

link Todd

link John Bender

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link Anne-Gaelle Colom

  • completed textinput in api docs (doc + inline examples) and added inline examples to search inputs.
  • This week, I want to get buttons done.
  • Then, I am thinking to complete in the following order:
    • Toolbars (header bars, footer bars, navbars)
    • Popups
    • Listview
    • Page Loading Widget

link Gabriel Schulhof

  • Fixed #4994 and #5021
  • Idea for future navigation: make the URL generation a plugin that is, separate URL generation from history tracking/manipulation

link Jason D Scott

  • Added listview option to set the link icon (for 1.2.1)
  • More work on BlackBerry 10 theme (should be released next week at BBJam America)