Testing Team Meeting – Sep 28 2012

September 27, 2012

Location: #jquery-meeting on Freenode

Attending: Jörn, Richard, Timo

Time: Noon ET



PRs and issues to review

  • #317 is looking for an assertion method to compare objects with different constructors
  • #320 has an example of loading tests asynchronously. Recommendation is to use autostart=false, then start(), to make that work. Other ideas?
  • Will land pull #323 unless anyone has concerns – just quotes “throws” to make old interpreters not throw up
  • #326 asks for in “inconclusive” assertion, aka “needs a test”. Opinions?
  • #314 – throw up or log a failed assertion when calling start() while already running?
  • Related to #320 and #314 is #309


  • Blog post about TestSwarm
  • 1.0 Roadmap
  • web site in November? Also needs new logo: https://github.com/jquery/testswarm/issues/128
  • Timo is working on testswarm-browserstack rewrite, will land update soon, makes it a lot more reliable
  • Up next: Improve keep-alive to get rid of timed-out clients faster; should make proper use of the ping-system implemented in TestSwarm recently
  • Richard still working on ua-parser ticket: https://github.com/jquery/testswarm/issues/187