jQuery Core Team Meeting – Oct 22 2012

October 22, 2012
Minutes (Notes) of the meeting of jQuery
Location: #jquery-meeting on Freenode
Attending: mikesherov, gibson042, gnarf, saiwong, timmywil (45 min late!)
Time: Noon ET

Official Agenda:

Commit privs for mikesherov & gibson042!

jQuery 1.8.3 – Wednesday?

  • based off pre-Summit commit
  • last call for must-have patches

Aftermath of Summit

Common standard for landing patches?

  • Check for new author, ask to sign CLA, add to AUTHORS.txt
  • rebase (possibly -i) on branch, then merge to master?
  • Message: “Fix #12345, short description of the ticket. Close gh-123.”

Authors file

Promise/J – diff between our implementation and Promise/A

  • Make .then() Promise/A compliant but leave the rest as-is?
  • Need a thorough article on Promise semantics

New speed tests?

  • Blow away the junk currently in /speed, based on Slickspeed (2008)
  • New tests based on Timmy’s stuff

jQuery 1.9 changes (start of the 1.9 upgrade guide)

1.9 voting – VOTE – next week we will discuss voted tix

Assigned tickets