jQuery Mobile Team Meeting – Nov 15 2012

  • Attending: Todd Parker, Jasper de Groot, Jason D Scott, Anne-Gaelle Colom, Gabriel Schulhof, Alex Schmitz, Ghislain Seguin, Keith Pepin, Mat Marquis, Jeff Lembeck

link Todd

link Jasper de Groot

  • Gabriel and I finished our work on CSS corner styling, branch is merged
  • reviewing and testing PR for new option clear button for text input https://github.com/jquery/jquery-mobile/pull/5281
  • pushed branch unprefixed-transitions with CSS for supporting transitions on IE10 - Mat is looking into transform3dTest() and validStyle() functions https://github.com/jquery/jquery-mobile/issues/4875
  • cleaned up branches (see also Basecamp post)
  • working on method demos for API docs
  • working on table widget CSS (styling)

link Anne-Gaelle Colom

  • api docs:
    • Changed select to selectmenu
    • Added example to silentScroll
    • Selectmenu now uses the generated examples for options
    • Some corrections/additions
  • Finally got a good understanding of how to attach things to widget events, which will help writing the docs.
  • Now need to update to a new version of grunt which will allow us to get automatically generated code examples for events (just like we can do currently for options).
  • Need to write the getting started with jQuery Mobile guide for the Learn site.

link Gabriel Schulhof

  • Added tests for form reset and select menu _destroy()
  • sequence test random timeout trackdown continues
  • Fixed some issues
    • Closed 4746 educating reporter on how to detect whether a widget has already been associated with a given element
    • Accepted 5287 (minor grammar fix in the demos)
    • Fixed 5288 based on the idea in PR 5290 by Krinkle
  • Failed to reproduce 5285 (function $.mobile.media is injecting a fake style and body, but not removing it, thus rendering the page invalid) by installing Ubuntu 12.10 in VirtualBox.
  • Short-circuited the unit test comparing our results from $.mobile.browser to core’s $.browser, because $.browser is gone in the git version of core
  • Jasper addressed most of the options-vs.-defaults in https://docs.google.com/a/intel.com/document/d/1n7ozvhQTLhBj6sPR-LYxuev3p8kcbHjlAM8EBMlQ8GE/edit … a few still need eyes

link Ghislain Seguin

link Jeff Lembeck

  • Working through tests for the Responsive Tables
    • Making sure there are separate widget tests for reflow and column toggle
    • Fixing any bugs that come about during test writing

link Alexander Schmitz

link Mat “The International Incident” Marquis

  • Fixing transform3dTest() and validStyle() for IE10
  • Merging in unprefixed keyframe animation properties