Testing Team Meeting – Dec 07 2012

December 6, 2012

Location: #jquery-meeting on Freenode

Attending: Scott, Corey, Jörn

Time: Noon ET



  • Lots of trouble with BrowserStack lately. Apparently their broken VMs only get fixed when we report the issue. Corey got IE7 and Safari 6 VMs fixed
  • A few jobs, especially in IE8 fail to submit results with “”Error connecting to server”
  • TestSwarm rewrite well on the way. Is now using ua-parser, much less maintenance in TestSwarm itself and testswarm-browserstack.


  • Rewrite finished. Much less maintenance required here as well. More advanced and machine-readable log output (Splunk!) and smarter worker spawn management, and more (see commit log for more details).


Experimenting for jquery core

  • To be moved to a separate testswarm account
  • Refactor grunt-testswarm to not need changes for mergeatron/PR.

Jenkins builds are put in directory /build/<project>/PR-<#>. This is a problem as those are non-unique (more than 1 commit per PR). Should use the commit hash like we do for other builds. Though builds are synchronous, a run can be reset later in time. If the directory has changed, the re-run will be incorrect.

  • Also, job name: “pull #123” -> “pull #123 – commit #af04”.