jQuery Mobile Team Meeting – Jan 10 2013

  • Attending: Todd Parker, John Bender, Jasper de Groot, Anne-Gaelle Colom, Gabriel Schulhof, Alex Schmitz, Ghislain Seguin, Mat Marquis

link Todd

  • No team meeting the last two weeks due to holiday schedules
  • Just received a generous offer from Microsoft to donate a bunch of WP devices to the project for testing. Coordinating on logistics now.
  • We’ve been working with members of Samsung’s Tizen team and have pulled in a few performance improvements so far, looking forward to more collaboration
  • Aiming to release a new responsive jQM site, blog and API site to match the other jQuery properties. Target date is Mid February for the sites so those may launch a bit after 1.3
  • 1.3.0 beta slated for early next week
    • Only 3 open issues for the the 1.3 milestone, none critical
    • Jasper is doing a final round of re-factoring on the panels to improve Android webview performance in the panel-refactor2 branch. Preview
    • blog post in-progress for 1.3
    • should we preview the new API docs in the blog post?
    • will focus on the new demos site IA/design once beta goes out
  • Maintenance releases - Jeff Lembeck is working on a tool to generate drafts of these based on our formatting needs, update on this soon
    • Hoping to do a quick release for 1.1.2 to finish up support on 1.1 after beta goes out
    • Followed soon after by a 1.2.1 release to support 1.2

link John Bender

  • Nav
    • Back button for Opera/IE
    • Anything for Chrome iOS6
    • Namespacing forobjects
    • Docs

link Jasper de Groot

link Anne-Gaelle Colom

link Gabriel Schulhof

  • Improved page load time on demos by making view-source popup even lazier - created only when the user clicks on the button
  • Tested out John Bender’s nav mod - found that iOS Chrome is FUBAR
  • web-ui-fw

link Ghislain Seguin

  • Fixed https://github.com/jquery/jquery-mobile/issues/5198, pushed w/ test
  • Started working on migration to grunt 0.4, kindda stuck there as concat task has not been migrated yet
  • Need to create image zips of previous and current versions then add a link to them on the download builder page

link Mat Marquis

  • Fixed 3D support test
  • Fixed tables in Safari <= 5
  • A bunch of panel testing

link Alexander Schmitz

  • Fixed broken cssTransitions support test
  • worked with wilto about cssTransform3d support test
  • Fix bugs on Panels
  • Branch previews
  • creating dom elements on the fly (samsung suggestion);