jQuery Core Team Meeting – Feb 11 2013

Attending: DaveMethvin, rwaldron, orkel, gibson042, siovene, timmywil

link Siovene update/discussion on perf

  • Still looking for ideas on organization, tests, etc

link jQuery 2.0b2

link jQuery Migrate 1.1.1 late this week -- Dave

link jQuery 1.9.2

  • I think we can wait a couple of weeks

link Version/feature correspondence (from last week)

  • Make 1.10 track 2.0? (So 1.11->2.1, 1.12->2.2, etc)
    • in next major point release, don't execute scripts by default
    • Let's leave this an open issue until we know what might need to be in each version

link Open tickets triage

  • Lets hold off on action for now, potentially document that native events should not depend on using trigger data and use .triggerHandler if you need to pass data