jQuery Core Team Meeting – Feb 25 2013

Attending: DaveMethvin, mikesherov, gibson042, rwaldron, timmywil

link jQuery 2.0b2

link jQuery 1.9.2

  • Still can wait a couple of weeks

link Documentation needs work

  • Dave to work on some of this in Toronto Monday
  • Move upgrade-guide stuff into api.jquery.com
  • Document treatment of various node types 'n stuff wrapped by jQuery
    • What can be put in a set?
    • What methods work with it?

link jQuery 1.10 correspondence with 2.0

link jQuery 1.10 and 2.0 final ship date

  • 2.0 to stay in beta until 1.10?
  • Encourage people to use the beta

link bugs.jquery.com

  • New home page to improve people's reporting -- on Dave's plate
    • e.g., docs issues go to api.jquery.com

link Open tickets triage