jQuery Mobile Team Meeting – May 09 2013

  • Attending: Todd Parker, John Bender, Jasper de Groot, Anne-Gaelle Colom, Alex Schmitz, Ghislain Seguin

link Todd

  • Team focused on 1.4 work: changelog
  • The view.jquerymobile.com site has experienced some flakiness, but it should now be fixed.
  • Mobile with be up on the Google CDN with the next release, coordinating now
  • Joseph Wain is working on the new icon set for 1.4
  • Updated the roadmap: https://github.com/jquery/jquery-mobile/wiki/Roadmap
  • Interview with JS Jabber podcast later today re: jQM
  • Website re-template will need to wait until after next week (vacation)
  • Meeting notes - Anne will help port those into GitHub

link John Bender

  • Content widget
    • loadPage -> load
    • nearly finished with load (ajax callbacks)
    • merged master
    • changePage -> change next
  • Deprecated pageinit in the docs

link Jasper de Groot

  • branch “next”:
    • all widgets use same button padding and icon position from core.css
    • changed all px values to em values
    • option mini now only changes the font-size, class ui-mini can also be added to a container
    • all field container CSS is centralized in fieldcontain.css
    • so far minified CSS file size decreased with 15%
    • working on making icon position classes work on container + theme inheritance

link Anne-Gaelle Colom

  • New book on the resources page
  • Api docs:
    • updated to 1.3.1
    • Fixed changedPage examples
    • Added loadPage example
    • changed the swipe/swiperight/swileft examples to add constrast/visibility

link Ghislain Seguin

  • Created the grunt task to generate the zip for Google CDN (with MD5 manifest)
  • Fixed a download builder issue with master

link Alexander Schmitz

  • Touch Events:
    • Added teardown methods to all touch events #3790, #5035
    • re-wrote swipe triggering to fix #5311
    • added global option to emit tap on tap hold #3803
    • review PR #5980, #5983
  • view.jquery.com
    • Fixed with scott gonzalez - stable since monday afternoon
    • there is now a monitor that alerts me if its down to be on top of any future issues
    • Now have server keys if we have any needs or problems there
  • Core
    • Fix incorrect keycodes and update to match UI
    • Fixed incorrect use of extend on $
    • Fixed double wrapping jQuery objects
    • Fixed incorrect use of merge
    • removed duplicated test
  • Nested Listview - Removed
  • Toolbar Widget - tests / testing
  • Pointer events - working on setting up use cases and tests for various things ui is looking