jQuery Core Team Meeting – Jun 03 2013

Attending: timmywil (married), gibson042, DaveMethvin, m_gol, orkel, gnarf, scott_gonzalez (style discussion)

link jQuery 1.10.2

link jQuery 2.0.3

link 1.10.2/2.0.3

link Can we wait until after Portland for a new release?

  • let's try … gotta monitor the duplicate tix

link Intel wants to help with some optimization issues

  • Rich Winterton profiled with VTune, saw bad JITting behavior
  • But...are any on hot paths?
  • Maybe we can meet with him in person next week?
  • Collab with Intel App Framework

link jQuery 2.1/1.11 changes

  • Discuss at in-person Portland meeting
  • Some thoughts
    • Make Deferreds and Callbacks optional modules
    • Deferred used in .ready() only, never documented
    • Use AMD to do our module builds? snover has a branch
    • needs updates to grunt build
    • optional dependencies (Deferred in .ready) are tricky
    • Does defaultDisplay really solve a problem?
    • Only reliable way is to append, THEN hide. That doesn't cause extra reflows does it?
    • Our "visible" check causes reflows, can we fix that?
    • Need to use display:none vs .offsetHeight/Width
    • Would fix issues like
      visible bug
    • Either changes the meaning of visible, or requires climbing the tree to determine visibility
    • Avoid offsetHeight/Width completely
    • Always a whole number
    • Screws up zoomed results and subpixel rendering
    • Attach data directly to elements for faster teardown

link Style guide updates

  • Grouping parens need space? (i.e., ALL parens need space)
    • If so do all { need trailing newlines?
    • e.g. var x = { test: true } would be invalid
    • Do all ? and : need surrounding space?
    • We tend to do b ? v1 : v2;
    • But we do { test: true } no leading space on colon
  • Dave to make a pull request against the style guide for comment

link Open tickets triage