jQuery Mobile Team Meeting – Jun 20 2013

  • Attending: Gabriel Schulhof, Alex Schmitz, Anne-Gaelle Colom, Jasper de Groot

link Official Agenda:

  • what needs to be done before we can release 1.4 alpha? (Jasper)

link Updates:

link Jasper de Groot

##Anne-Gaelle Colom

  • corrections to the api docs:
    • fixed dead links
    • removed inline styles
    • updated jquery core and mobile versions for v mouse events example

link Gabriel Schulhof

  • Started flattening custom select: https://github.com/jquery/jquery-mobile/pull/6108
  • Need to make it work outside the page before I can study the performance impact of the way we create various bits of DOM. I’m pretty sure if we have a template which we create and clone the first time, and merely clone on all subsequent occasions, then we can gain a significant performance boost (http://jsperf.com/create-vs-clone-with-params).
  • Alex had the idea to separate the show-as-dialog functionality and place it into an extension. This functionality must be unavailable when the custom select is placed outside a page, because we cannot display a dialog on top of random content.

link Alexander Schmitz

  • started reviewing textinput
  • tests with ui widgets.
    • Tabs: Done no extension other then autoinit
    • Spinner: Done minor extension
    • menu: Done in effect makes nested list views
    • autocomplete: still needs work js:done css:none
    • whatever we dont include for 1.4 (all but tabs) i will put into my own repo and maintain until added to library and make demos
  • Core: seperate data methods out into their own module
    • add unique id to core for now?
  • updateing code.jquery.com to include 1.3.1 this is manual html editing process that needs to be done each time and changes pushed i have access to server so i can do this from now on.
  • explored need for pointer events patch to vmouse with kborchers looks like this wont be needed will test more once i have WP8 tomorrow
  • tracking and aquireing dev phones have list need to add peoples personal test devices ( will prevent aquireing dups)
    • added nokia lumia 520
    • iphone 4s