jQuery Core Team Meeting – Jul 08 2013

Attending: DaveMethvin, orkel, timmywil, jaubourg, gibson042, rwaldron

link 1.10.2/2.0.3 release

  • Any problems? None reported

link Problems with testswarm

  • ngnix not configured properly, 502 on post to static pages
  • long term problem
  • what can we do to fix soon?

link jQuery 1.11/2.1

  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oQ966Lq9szqP41BehdlmAJV33lgNcrE0C0tktLvIz5s/edit
  • (action items and conclusions below summarized from meeting discussion)
  • requestAnimationFrame - Do not pull into core, gnarf has a plugin for people who want it and we'd still break a lot of existing code if it was the default
  • Alternative animation API (initially a plugin) - leave to third parties
  • Alternative AJAX implementation - jaubourg to noodle over
  • Deferreds and Callbacks optional modules - yes, after AMD is settled
  • make .ready() its own optional module - yes, and discourage its use
  • Use AMD - yes, timmywil is on it
  • Deprecate/remove jQuery.support? - Can't remove, but move feature detects into their respective modules and make them lazy, reduce forced layouts; next step to be done after initial AMD is finalized
  • Avoid offsetHeight/offsetWidth completely - yes, mikesherov?
  • Attach data directly to elements