jQuery Mobile Team Meeting – Jul 11 2013

  • Attending: Todd Parker, Scott Jehl, Anne-Gaelle Colom, Gabriel Schulhof, Alex Schmitz, John Bender, Jasper de Groot Time: 2pm ET

link Official Agenda:

  • to do before 1.4 alpha release (next week)
    • Grunticon - see update Todd Parker
    • what (widget review) branches do we need to merge:
      • new flip switch, external panels, collapsible, listview - work in progress
      • button, checkbox - code review
      • content-widget - ready to merge
    • table refresh method
  • update from Alex about AMD / UMD and Bower meeting
  • mobile / ui merge: namespace

link Updates:

link Jasper de Groot

  • last week no Mobile meeting because of 4th of July holiday
  • last Wednesday UI/Mobile meeting
  • working on external panels, transition, zoom, url bar issues
  • reviewing methods API documentation (will finish this after 1.4 alpha release)

link Todd Parker

  • Icons: we’re going to go with Grunticon but with a non-JS config option to make the default icon loading as simple as possible
  • Default CSS loader: Each page can link to a single CSS file that covers both SVG and PNG fallbacks:
    • This file will contain the inline SVG rules AND a set of .no-svg prefixes rules that link to the external PNG fallbacks
    • This file will ensure coverage for all devices, but browsers that need the PNG fallback will incur a performance penalty because each icon will be a separate request
  • We will encourage people to use the JS loader instead which only requires a simple JS config for the CSS file paths. This approach offers more efficient delivery compared to the default CSS file approach because you only download the SVG or PNG rules and we try and load SVGs as inline when possible to avoid the added requests
    • This loader will use the standard Grunticon approach of doing a feature detect and serving one of 3 files:
      • inline SVG
      • inline PNG
      • PNG with external images
    • If using the script loader, a noscript block in the head with link to the external PNG CSS will also be required
  • We discussed the idea of making the external PNGs a sprite, but this will add selector complexity and a manual process to generate the sprites. Instead, we will document how to the use JS loader for better performance.

link John Bender

  • Vacation

link Anne-Gaelle Colom

  • Code example cleanup for api docs (jQuery Mobile and jQuery Core), to ensure examples follow jQuery coding standards.

link Gabriel Schulhof

  • Collapsibe widget review

link Alexander Schmitz

  • attended AMD / Bower meeting
  • continued work on flipswitch
  • removed mobile base widget now in master
  • planned new autoinit scheme with Scott
  • fixed error in logic in swipe event.
  • looked into PR #6144
    • will not work on opera or ios4
  • review PR #6145 for filter widget
  • review PR #6135 for popup review
  • fixed conflicts and merged master into content-widget
    • waiting to make sure john bender is ok with merging content widget into master
  • created branch namespace which switched mobile to use ui namespace in JS
  • looking at tests for PR for gseguin
  • investigated #224 issue with wp-content sites
  • continued to acquire test devices
  • submitted talk for austin conf
  • reviewed checkbox radio widget
  • reviewed button widget
  • finished textinput widget review
  • working on listview reivew

link Ghislain Seguin