jQuery Core Team Meeting – Jul 15 2013

Attending: DaveMethvin, orkel, timmywil, m_gol

link Switchover to Bower (timmywil)

  • Change is made for master and 1.x-master
  • Working for everyone?
  • Issues?
    • Our build process with bower is fine, Sizzle and QUnit
    • Can't publish jQuery to Bower yet tho
    • Need to wait until they are released
    • Current Bower package forces Migrate on everyone
    • Wait for Bower update

link npm version

  • need a change to module.exports, wait for 2.0.4

link Problems with Jenkins/testswarm

  • Post to .html pages is too error prone
  • Causing AJAX fail
    • Create a PHP-based page to get test files (dave)

link jQuery 1.11/2.1

  • Dave didn't summarize the doc yet
  • make .ready() optional in its own module
    • solves the cross-dependency issue nicely!