jQuery Mobile Team Meeting – Jul 18 2013

  • Attending: Ghislain Seguin, Gabriel Schulhof, Alex Schmitz, Jasper de Groot Time: 2pm ET

link Official Agenda:

  • 1.4 alpha release, status:
  • content widget - merged
  • table-widget-review (table refresh method) - ready to merge, final review
  • new flip switch widget - Jasper is finishing CSS today
  • new filterable widget - look into deriving from textinput + check issue tickets + review
  • collapsible-widget-review - ready to merge, final review
  • textinput - merged
  • controlgroup review - ready to merge, final review
  • checkboxradio review - merged
  • button review - Alex is finishing review today
  • external panels - at least one more day needed to finish
  • make hiding of URL bar optional - almost done in branch by Alex
  • listview review - move to 1.5
  • navbar - moved to 1.5
  • table overall review - moved to 1.5
  • issue-2859 (querystring removed from hash) - no changes in 1.4, deprecate the stripping, for 1.5 we make changes so we follow specs, we look into providing workarounds for the stripping for 1.3/1.4
  • update build script: 4 CSS files because of icons - this is to make it possible for people to use loader script in the head, can be done after alpha
  • we release 1.3.2 tomorrow and 1.4 alpha next Wednesday

link Updates:

link Jasper de Groot

  • new icons are on master
  • adjusted CSS accessible hidden content
  • worked on new default theme
  • fixed #5748 and #5566 overflow issues
  • still working on making external panels work on all browsers

link John Bender

  • Thought fondly of the days when I had time to work on the project.

link Anne-Gaelle Colom

  • Will finish the review/changes of the api core docs tomorrow. Will come back to mobile after that.
  • Moved all the examples back to core 1.9.1 instead of 1.10.0, as we recommend 1.9.1 for mobile 1.3.1

link Gabriel Schulhof

link Alexander Schmitz

  • merged textinput
  • merged cheboxradio
  • finishing button
  • review pr’s

link Ghislain Seguin

  • Pushed branch code-coverage-blanket. To get coverage report just add --coverage to your grunt test command line. Only unit tests are instrumented.
  • Have to look into istanbul to see if it would be better for us.