jQuery Core Team Meeting – Aug 05 2013

Attending: DaveMethvin, orkel, gibson042, timmywil

link Jenkins/testswarm status

  • Browserstack fixed their IE9 issue (thanks Krinkle)
  • boxSizingReliable patch to make FF stop complaining (orkel has a pull)
  • "order" (orkel to remove the unit test since it's browser-specific)
  • oldIE tests fail but only on swarm (check with testing team)
  • Let's get to where we can trust the unit tests in Jenkins/swarm

link jQuery Migrate

  • Fail on Migrate attribute test (Krinkle created issue in Migrate tracker)
  • A few other small issues
  • Consider a new release soon, gibson042 to look next week

link jQuery 1.11/2.1

  • AMD status (timmywil)
  • Performance tests (orkel)
  • Can we have a dashboard that combines units, perf, coverage?
  • What's the first step? orkel is working on that

link Pull requests

link Bug triage