jQuery Mobile Team Meeting – Aug 15 2013

  • Attending: Jasper de Groot, Alexander Schmitz, Gabriel Schulhof

Time: 2pm ET

link Official Agenda:

  • upgrade guide, updating API docs and Demo Center, updating Theme Roller, new web site
    • Gabriel: updating API docs, move content from Demo Center to API docs
    • Alex: updating Demo Center custom JS
    • Jasper: upgrade guide, updating Demo Center custom CSS
  • Let’s close (one way or another)
  • Collapsibleset does not work on its own because it accesses collapsible’s initSelector (https://github.com/jquery/jquery-mobile/blob/master/js/widgets/collapsibleSet.js#L51) which is only generated if the page widget is loaded before the collapsibleset widget, because the page widget contains the $.widget shim for autoinit. I can think of two solutions:
    • Move the shim code into its own module, to be depended upon by anyone making use of initSelectors - probably collapsibleset and controlgroup
    • Assume that all the children of the collapsibleset are collapsibles and instantiate them all as collapsible widgets. In 1.3.x, we leave alone those children that do not match collapsible’s initSelector, however, is that an API promise?
  • new PR’s

link Updates:

link Jasper de Groot

  • fixed panel issues
  • made theme inheritance widgets outside page work
  • worked on filterable listview styling
  • 1.4 alpha 2 released

link Alexander Schmitz

  • Issue Triage
  • PR’s down to 0
  • dialog extension for page
  • working on merge items with ui

link Gabriel Schulhof

link Anne-Gaelle Colom

  • on vacation