jQuery Mobile Team Meeting – Aug 29 2013

  • Attending: Jasper de Groot, Alexander Schmitz, Gabriel Schulhof, Ghislain Seguin

Time: 2pm ET

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  • Working through API docs
    • Found out that I need to do several passes over all the docs:
      • Theme swatches
        • Remove c,d,e
        • a → b
        • c → a
      • Include standard methods (enable, disable, etc.)
    • Added enhanced and wrapperClass (where applicable) to
      • button
      • checkboxradio
      • collapsibleset
      • collapsible
  • Helped Alex and studied nested lists
  • Had a big realization: You cannot override inherited things in a subtree ad infinitum ☹ This means that if nested lists are indented by default with an optional class to turn off indentation, if that class is applied to a sublist, then all its children will have no indentation, but if you then specify a second class which turns indentation back on on one of those children, then the children of that child will still not be indented. A simple example using background-color: http://jsbin.com/iLIqEG/5/edit
  • Found out and fixed that collapsible and collapsibleSet do not correctly handle option value changes to the options ”corners” and ”inset” correctly. Added unit test to make sure those options are set back and forth while maintaining correct presence/absence of the ui-collapsible-inset class.

link Ghislain Seguin

  • Fixed #6167: New icons: build four CSS files instead of one
  • Modified CDN build and git build to use the same set of files
  • TODO: Automate the publishing to CDN when releasing

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  • on vacation

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