jQuery Core Team Meeting – Sep 16 2013

Attending: DaveMethvin, m_gol, jaubourg, orkel, gibson042

link Jenkins/testswarm status

link jQuery 1.11/2.1 beta

  • Target Thursday 9/19 this week
  • What will be done/landed for the beta?
  • All open tickets, any that need to land?

link jQuery Migrate

  • Look into unit test failures - dave
  • Time for another release, maybe timed with 1.11/2.1?

link Browser support

  • Changes? https://github.com/jquery/jquery.com/pull/48
  • iOS needs to be added to TestSwarm (iOS emulators work fast)
  • dave to add core team to jquery.com repo
  • How do we test Android?
    • Run a jenkins job once week with Android emulator? - dave to look
  • sauce doesn't support android <4, dave to ask them
  • "Inconclusive" test results?
    • extend qunit to have tests with flags indicating whether we expect them to fail in this platform (or should be skipped without trying)
    • don't litter checks in the unit test code? (centralize somehow)

link Docs changes

  • dave to give core team commit

link Pre-check for pull requests

link Code style check #12757

  • orkel to land after beta

link jQuery 1.11/2.1 final

  • How do we publish to npm?
  • How do we publish to bower?
  • Need to update build script to create tagged headless commit for release
  • Should include bower deps and built file for simplicity