jQuery Mobile Team Meeting – Sep 26 2013

  • Attending: Jasper de Groot, Alexander Schmitz, Gabriel Schulhof, Anne-Gaelle Colom

Time: 2pm ET

link Official Agenda:

  • 1.4 RC / final TODO’s
    • open tickets
    • test supported platforms
    • ThemeRoller
      • update to 1.4
      • can PHP files be executed in resources/ directory?
    • API docs
      • update content
      • api.jquerymobile.com/1.4/ is ready
    • demos
      • update content
      • new global navigation menu (update JS that changes the path)
      • look into demos custom JS
      • tweak custom style and homepage layout
      • move demos from view.* to jquerymobile.com/demos/.
    • download builder
      • ask Ghislain how things currently work
    • complete upgrade guide and add to web site
    • generate complete changelog
    • update supported platforms/browsers and add to web site
    • final blog post
  • new web site
    • check status with Ralph
    • live with 1.4 final release
  • PR’s

link Updates:

link Jasper de Groot

  • we released 1.4 beta! :)
  • worked on updating demos and build script
  • 1.4 beta blog post
  • finish upgrade guide this week
  • triage
  • met with Daniel vd Ende (TU Delft, performance test project) - looking into performance tests results
  • attended PhoneGap Day EU in Amsterdam, met with Kristofer (Topcoat)
  • reviewed PR https://github.com/jquery/jquery-mobile/pull/6510 - collapsible listview items demo
  • started looking into ThemeRoller update

link Alexander Schmitz

  • Cleaned up pagecontainer widget moved path and base logic into proper files
  • fixed / looked into 1.4 bugs
  • PR reviews
  • changelog script tweaks
  • triage
  • Will be starting work on new ui button widget hoping to base on ours and share a single widget for both projects
  • began testing ui classes option to see if this fits our needs
  • will be attending the accessibility summit in DC

link Gabriel Schulhof

link Ghislain Seguin

  • Released 1.4, there are several steps that should be automated:
    • Upload to CDN
    • Upload of demos to website
    • Upload of the zip to the website

link Anne-Gaelle Colom